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Potty Training / Crate Training

Potty Training / Crate Training

I crate train all my puppies, so potty training is already started when they go to their new homes. In order for your puppy to continue having success with housebreaking; crate training is a must. It is how they started out, and it is the only home they know, Crate training is also a great way to keep your puppy safe while you are at work, prevent accidents & keep your property safe from little teeth. I have found it is the most humane and harmonious solution with a puppy in the house. 

A crate is a wonderful tool if used correctly. It is in fact the easiest and most effective way to potty train a puppy. Use the crate to your advantage & in return it will save you from a lot of accidents. Keep your puppy on a basic schedule. First thing in the morning- put them outside, play a little & feed breakfast, go back out and potty, and put back in crate . Same for lunch, dinner, and bedtime.           

Try to keep in mind that puppies are like babies, they to explore and put everything in their mouth; It is our job as responsible owners to keep them safe, and protect them. Using a crate keeps them safe from potential hazards, i.e., electrical cords, foam toys, small toys, and toxic chemicals. You would be amazed & surprised what they will chew up if given free reign.

Your puppy’s crate is his safe place, a place where he/she goes to sleep. It reminds him of home, with his litter-mates and Mother. If you work, don't expect the puppy to hold it for 10 to 12 hours while you are at work. In the beginning they can hold it for a few hours, and over time they can manage 6-7 hours.

During training: In the event they have an accident in the crate, and couldn’t hold it till you get home, you will need to clean the crate and remove their scent. Don’t get mad, just get a crate that you can easily assemble and disassemble. Keep bleach wipes or soft scrub with bleach handy, and a new scrubby or toilet brush just for cleaning the crate. Wipe off the excess, and disinfect, and wash out. 

It may take a little while, but with consistent training, and by not letting your puppy aimlessly roam your house. You can have a potty trained pet and a clean accident free house.

As the puppy gets older and can hold it longer, your crate will be clean, and the puppy can be rewarded with more time outside the crate when your home, to play and be part of the family. Eventually you may not need the crate at all.

Proper crate training of your puppy shapes the puppy's behavior in a positive method using his animal instincts. This is much better than accidents on your floor. Remember above all else to be patient, be kind, and consistent with your training.





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