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  Here it is... Our Bichon " Wall of Fame" Families Photo Album

 To all our puppy families, First of all thanks to each of you for sharing your hearts, love and homes with our special little puppies. In the process of helping you find your special new pet, we have gotten to know each and every one of you, and made new friends along the way. We have laughed with you, wept with you, and formed a wonderful connection with each of you all thru our love for these wonderful, magical and truly awesome dogs.  

 Thank you all for giving them unconditional love, and warm arms to snuggle!

Send us pictures and keep us posted. We love to hear our little babies have grown, and how you our Bichon Families are doing. We like to see your smiling faces too! 

Send your pics of you and your Bichon Delight to and I will put your Bichon pictures on the Website. 

Touch a Bichon and you have touched a bit of heaven...

Hold a Bichon and you have held the world...

Love a Bichon and you will love life forever...

Author Unknown


Karen & Lon with a very special Valentine! Shakespeare  

We shipped out their little boy on Valentine's Day. Karen & Lon & Seriphina were all delighted with their newest family member. Below is one of our last emails during Karen said " Bringing a special little blanket to wrap him up in to warm him up for the ride home after we potty him. Looks like today provided the perfect window of good weather to get him here without delay Happy happy Valentine's Day!!!

Thanks -too - for this last note - you really are terriffic! Karen & Lon    

  pictures of Bichon Delight Puupy Family: Shakespeare, Seriphina & Karen at home. Feb 2010 

July 2010 Michele, Hello! - I just wanted to update you on Shakespeare - our Valentine's Day arrival last February. Lon & I are so taken by this smart little guy we wanted to share with you that he is quite the accomplished six month old. Not only did he toilet train with absolutely no effort and learn simple tricks like sit and down and give me five with just a few tries but he now jumps through hoops, weaves poles, tunnels, climbs tall ramps and leaps in the air in an agility course we set up in the backyard for him - and his older sister Seraphina - with show dog grace and precision. He's incredibly easy to train and eager to please. His latest trick- which he taught himself - as it has been a hot summer and we have been swimming frequently -is to jump and swim to the blow-up body lounger in the pool and get on and off it by himself. His balance and agility is greater than I've witnessed in any of the dogs I've had before. I knew bichons were lovable, beautiful and soft and cuddly - but wow - what a bright focused athlete this little boy is as well. We are so enjoying him and so proud of him - we just love our little Shakespeare and thank you again for getting him off to such a good start!

Karen & Lon

 The Hanbury Family : Bill Hanbury with Alex & Family

Thanks Bill & Family for all the wonderful pics. So many to choose from... LOL So glad to finally get to see your big happy family & Thanks for giving Alex such a loving wonderful home!!  

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