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Midpoint Delivery Fee $40


Bichon Delights has have several options to help you get your puppy home.  

***Once your correct rate is determined a payment request will be emailed to you.  

Midpoint Delivery for our Northern VA, DC & Maryland Customers!!    We will meet you a predetermined midpoint for your convienence and the puppies comfort.  Cuts the travel time in half for everyone. Rate may vary as it is based on distance and number of clients participating. It is usally.

Personalized Ground Transport Services to your front door via USDA Pet transport service, rates will vary based on distance $175 to $375  * additional fees will apply:   2 shots & Health Vet Certificate & Vet exam to approve shipping

Airline Shipping via Delta to Airport of your Choice (Dash Rates apply )  usually around $375, included 2nd shots, Health Vet Certificate, New Crate & Airbill # & Travel Itinerary included.

**Shipping is provided by 3rd party and is not inclusive in the price of the pet.

These fees must be paid in advance of shipping.   Airbills confirmation #'s are provided as proof of arrangments and Ground Transport  3rd party contractors will contact you directly to finialize the arrangements and receive payment from you.  Petso be a minimum of 8 weeks old,  and require Vet exam 10 days prior to shipping, U.S. Law requires all pets being shipped to be examined by a vet and a Health Certificate is required for travel. 

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